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How The-The Youth Center Of White Cloud Inc. Started

I grew up in the small BUT, friendly community of White Cloud MI. During my Childhood there was really not anything to do in the Community for youth. We were given reasons like if we start something for the Youth- Young People then there will be crime and we don't want that. So if you were not a Jock, Bookworm, or Outdoor Sports Person Child/Youth there was nothing to do. There was not anywhere to go after our Friend's homes. We anted a fun place where the kinds could go and have fun.

I saw in 2003 shortly after returning from Word of Life Bible Institute in Potterville NY that the same problem existed. God led me out of a ministry I served in for many years at first I was angry at everyone including God so I shook my fist at Him and said God my community lacks this for Youth God responded back in His BLUNT, but gentle still small whisper and said YOU CHANGE IT!

I obeyed God Almighty and put up flyers around town and not one response for two weeks. I thought Ok then God I did my job you gave me seeing I have $0 to start it with. God also spoke to me again in His small still voice you have 10 cents I'll take care of the rest. So I obeyed the Lord and told my pastor at the Time Craig Cramblet about the Ministry starting and what I was using Word Of Life Local Church Ministries and he prayed with me dedicating the Ministry and myself to the Lord in his Office. I saw God work provide for the Youth Center in so may ways when I asked God Almighty that first year.

Deb Frisbey

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