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A Typical Week At the Youth Center Of White Cloud Inc.

Here is what a Typical Week at the Youth Center Of White Cloud Inc. looks like at a glance. We are organized as a program, but have a laid back structure so there is order in the program.

Every day we have what is called group time and all the students come into the meeting room. This is where we all open the Word Of God (Holy Bible) and do the Word of Life Fellowship Quiet Time together. That last no, more than 15 minutes most days The more chatty the students are the long that activity takes. What I did was take what Bible Believing -Churches Bible Club Programs do in one night and stretch it out to a whole week. We are open 5 days a week and our Hours of operation at 3PM-5PM. If it is a half day, Snow Day, or No, School we open at 2PM.

School Year Word Of Life Bible Club Program


Highlighted Prayer Time.

We Pray for the Pastors of our Supporting Churches, Word Of Life Fellowship Missionaries in the United States of America and four other is over seas countries. Also any Pray Needs the students have.

Worship Time Highlighted- We sing song i.e. The B-I-B-L-E, Every Move I Make, Who is the King of the Jungle. Toby Mac City on our Knees


Chapel - We teach them Biblical account like the Great Flood, Jonah and the Big Fish, The Christmas story of the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ God Almighty in the Flesh. We also teach the students the Book of the Holy Bible so they can turn to one of the 66 books like the book of Zephaniah or Jude.


Once a month we do a Community Service Project. Some things we do are make cards for the local police and bake goodies for them thanking them for their services. Giving to the Local Food Bank with notes of encouragement. We say the Pledges to the flags i.e. the American Flag Christian Flag,


We do a review of the lesson they learned Tuesday during Chapel.


We let the students say verses any day of the week, BUT Friday we stress it and emphasis Holy Bible Scripture Memory.

Two days a week with the Youth Dollars they earn by coming to Group Time, saying their verses, doing their service projects we have a Minnie story two days a week they can by their snacks. The other days most days the snacks are Homemade.

After the Group Time Segment the students may do Homework, or play as in go to the Art Department and do a craft, play outside, play video games, watch movies play a board game like Guess Who, Go Fish. Then at 5PM the students go home.

Summer Program- Day Camp

We have day Camp two days a week Tuesday and Friday starting at 2 PM and Ending at 5 PM.

A Typical Day at The Youth Center Of White Cloud Inc. Day Camp

2 PM Chapel with a snack provide.

2:30 Camper rest time on cots

3PM a Unity Building Activity

3:30 PM a Water Game

4PM Free Time the Stations open, Craft, Snack, game room, TV. Room, Outdoor activity Shed as well. At these stations this is where they buy their with the Points they earned.

4:50 Closing Program

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